Nail Harmony Gelish - New Colours at The Nail Workshop!

Gelish Shadows Collection - Click here to enlarge this image

The Shadows Collection!

Mysterious, Glamorous, Intense, with a dangerous side! These new Winter shades are dark and dramatic and a must for the winter months.

The latest colours from Nail Harmony, we're sure there is something for everyone's taste... book your appointment now and get set for the Winter!

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House of Gelish Latest Colours
Holiday Gelish Latest Colours - Click here to enlarge this image

Limited Edition Gelish Holiday Collection!

All that glitters is Gelish this holiday season! This collection glistens with timeless classics Blue, Silver, Gold, Black, Red and Green dusted with chunky glitter and holographic sparkles for shimmering perfection.

Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, Gelish has the perfect shade for any Occasion! Come and get in the Festive mood at The Nail Workshop!

We have almost 200 shades and colours to choose from, and we're sure these latest arrivals will be top of the Most Wanted Lists this Christmas! Bling your fingers, and why not have matching toes!

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House of Gelish Latest Colours

House of Gelish

House of Gelish Latest Colours

We now have the full collection of 8 colours. These are beautiful shades to suit autumn. Consisting of 8 Colours to include:

  • Strut Your Stuff - dark brown crème
  • Taupe Model - light brown with a subtle frost
  • A Runway For The Money - dark green crème
  • Fashion Week Chic - slate grey crème
  • My Favorite Accessory - teal crème
  • Cocktail Party Drama - deep purple shimmer
  • Backstage Beauty - red shimmer
  • Cashmere Kind Of Gal - light grey

House of Gelish colours on swatches

Just For You Collection

Ask and you shall receive!

Just For You Gelish Latest Colours

Straight from the Runway to your nails! From chic champagne to sophisticated slate grey, the Just For You Collection has the perfect shade for every fashionista. This palette of 7 velvety creams and 2 subtle frosts offer a unique take on classics that will compliment any wardrobe. This collection of long lasting super-glossy gel polish will keep your manicure fierce from day 1 to day 21 !!

Just For You Collection includes the following colours:

  • My Favourite Bleue-tique
  • Fashionably Slate
  • Red-y To Wear
  • Meet Me In Milano
  • After Party Espresso
  • Eur So Chic
  • Simply Mauv-elous Dahling
  • It Girl
  • Commander In Chic

Just For You colours on swatches

New CandyLand Colours

Candy-coat your nails with a selection of shades so sweet they're sure to leave you addicted. The Candy Land collection is the long lasting, super-glossy gel-polish that will leave your fingers dripping with confectionery perfection from Day 1 through Day 21.

Colours available from Now... book now for the latest Looks!
CandyLand Colours

  • Sugar Daddy (blue)
  • Sugar n Spice & Everything Nice (darker pink)
  • Orange Cream Dream (orange)
  • You’re So Sweet You’re Giving Me A Toothache (baby pink)
  • You’re Such A Sweet-Tart (green)
  • Don’t Be Such A Sourpuss (lemon)

What's your favourite colour in the CandyLand Collection? With a choice of six spring colours, there is something for everyone.

CandyLand Colours on swatches CandyLand Gelish Latest Colours CandyLand with white Polka Dots

Nail Harmony UK Gelish

See our Magneto Page here!

Gelish Magneto is a fantastic new soak-off product offering colour effects in a gel. It is applied like a polish and has the strength of gel. Gelish Nails are maintenance free lasting a minimum of 3 weeks and remains super shiny!!!

This is no ordinary manicure treatment, and is not only for nail enhancement customers but for the natural nail customer too. This is something new and different, and will give you a permanent nail colour lasting up to 3 weeks. This is great on toes too as it can last 8 weeks or more!! The colours are interchangeable and there are many effects possible.

This is an ideal product for anyone who is looking for something just that little bit special or just love something different on their nails.

Once tried, you will not look back.

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