The Nail Workshop Covid-19 Salon Safeguarding Procedures

The Nail Workshop opened again on Monday 12th April 2021, we continue to operate under government Covid guidelines for the nail industry to keep our clients and staff safe. I have been working in this industry for the last 25 years and have extremely high standards of hygiene at The Nail Workshop.

It is lovely to be welcoming our dear customers back and also to be able to offer a warm welcome to many new customers. To allow this to happen we developed and implemented New Salon Procedures that are aligned to government guidelines for Corona Virus Management.

The Nail Workshop is operating with the same SafeGuarding Procedures that worked so efficiently and effectively since July 2020.

For new clients The Nail Workshop operates from a SEPARATE SALON next to Myrtle Cottage. It is NOT within the family home at Myrtle Cottage and you will NOT have to enter the house at anytime.

The services The Nail Workshop provides have not changed but we have made the appropriate changes to how we operate to align with government guidelines, these new changes in business operation and our new procedures are detailed in our New Salon Procedures page which can be found as the second item in the menu on the left on this page

The SafeGuarding Procedures for Clients

Failure to observe SafeGuarding procedures by any client visiting The Nail Workshop will result in services not being provided by The Nail Workshop.

Before each visit to The Nail Workshop you must ask yourself these questions.

1.0 Have I had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?

2.0 Do I have a high temperature?

3.0 Have I noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell.

4.0 Am I or is any member of my household self isolating.

If you have any of these symptoms, however mild, or if you or any member of your household are self isolating then you should stay at home and reschedule your appointment.

You will not be charged a cancellation fee for cancellation due to suspected coronavirus symptoms or if you or any member of your household are self isolating.

Step by Step SafeGuarding Procedure for Clients

1.0 You will be sent out a health questionnaire 24 hours prior to your appointment. This must be filled out digitally and returned before your appointment. If this cannot be done via email, you must print the information out and bring this document with you already signed.

2.0 Please bring minimal personal belongings with you. Personal belongings and mobile phones will be left by the salon door for you to collect on the way out. We also recommend you do not wear jewellery (rings bracelets, watches etc.) other than (if applicable) your wedding ring.

3.0 Please keep to your appointment time. If you arrive early you must wait outside or in your car. There will be a 15 minute sanitise and clean down between each client so please do not enter until this procedure is fully completed. (Please do not arrive late for your appointment. Time will be difficult to make up with this stringent cleaning regime in place. If you are late then your appointment will be automatically cancelled incurring a cancellation fee. Clients who arrive late will have to rebook via the phone.

4.0 You must be wearing your own face mask that covers your mouth and nose before you enter the property (before opening the side gate) and wear it until you leave the property. You must take your mask home to dispose of yourself.

5.0 There will be only one client allowed in the salon at a time.

6.0 On entering the salon you will be required to leave personal belongings and mobile by the salon door for you to collect on the way out.

7.0 Before taking your seat you will be required to wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and warm water.

8.0 You will be asked health questions before before your treatment can begin and on occasion your temperature may be taken using an infra-red thermometer.

9.0 I will be wearing a FFP3 mask, a plastic face shield, nitre gloves and an apron over my uniform at all times. My PPE will be changed for each client. Hand sanitiser will be placed on the workstation at all times.

10.0 Once the treatment is completed you can book your next appointment and you will make your payment. NO Cash or Cheques accepted (Credit or Debit card only).

11.0 You and I will re wash our hands for a minimum off 20 seconds using soap and water before you leave. I will open the salon door to let the you out. This means the client leaves the salon with spotless clean and sanitised hands.

12.0 Each client will now have their own personal files and buffers. They will be stored after they have been sanitised in recycled paper bags with the name of the client on the bag. I hear you ask ‘why a paper bag?’ You must never place them in a plastic bag or storage container because that can create a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria! All my other sanitised tools will also be stored in paper bags. All used nail tools will be placed in a seal container with sterilising solution and these will be sterilised at the end of my working day reday for the next working day.


Salon hygiene has always been my top priority. All work surfaces, door handles and equipment have always been thoroughly sanitised using appropriate disinfectants and sanitisers between each client’s appointment and a deep clean of all areas and equipment at the end of each working day.

However, we now have even more stricter rules to follow and we all have a part to play to keep my working areas safe for my all of my clients and for me.

I have completed both a risk assessment and a touch mapping system of my salon.

1.0 The touch mapping system will help clients understand what they are allowed to touch from the moment they enter the gate and then the salon. This identifies the areas that I will need to sanitise between appointments and also reduces the areas that I will need to sanitise between appointments.

2.0 All soft furnishing, towels and couch bedding have been removed from the salon until further notice. This again makes the sanitising clean down more affective and less areas to harbour germs!

3.0 Unfortunately, drinks will not be permitted for the time being.

4.0 The toilet will only be used in an emergency. This is due to the toilet being in my house.

5.0 No cash or cheques! Payment either credit or debit cards only.

New Equipment

The salon has purchased a new high specification dust ventilator extractor system which will help manage the air quality in the salon by removing most pathogens and significantly reducing airborne particles. Dangerous viruses can maintain being airborne by attaching themselves to the dust particles floating around in the air that we breathe. This new dust ventilator extractor system will reduce these airborne particles and smells by filtering them from the air. This will help manage and reduce the posed risk of Covid-19.

I have only ever used and will continue to use the highly recommended Mundo cleaning products to disinfect and sanitise touch areas and equipment.

Recycled paper towels have replaced our towels and a paper towel wall dispenser has been fitted for easy use.

Double lined pedal bins are now in the salon plus extra metal nail tools and the recommended PPE will be worn my me, all retail products will be placed in a cupboard.

Let’s hope this is all short lived and we can all return to the new normal very soon. Sooooo looking forward to seeing you all as soon as the government gives the nail bar / salon industry the green light to safely re-open. Please take care and stay safe.

The Nail Workshop Covid-19 Salon Safeguarding Procedures have been written under the guidance of the government document “Keeping workers and clients safe during COVID-19 in close contact services. COVID-19 secure guidance for employers, employees and the self-employed 23 June 2020.” © Crown copyright 2020.

Close contact services include hairdressing, barbershops, beauty and nail bars / salons.

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